Capsule Monster Chess: Yugi vs. Mokuba

Capsule Monster Chess is a table-top game introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. Its basic concept is to strategically move 5 pieces on the board and defeat the opponent's pieces. It is first shown in Chapter 24 of the manga.


The rules is explained in Chapter 24 and outlined in Chapter 35. The character connected to this game is Seto Kaiba's brother, Mokuba Kaiba.

1. Two players are needed to play. They prepare a strategic board to play on.[1]
2. Each player starts with five capsule monsters. They place them strategically on the game board and then take turns moving them.
3. Each monster has a level (1-5), different movement ranges and various attacks.
4. The last player with monsters on board is the winner.


  1. Different boards have different features. e.g. Evolution Spots, Recovery Spots, etc.