Dragon Cards: Yugi vs. Imori

Dragon Cards is a card game shown in Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. The game revolves around summoning strong "Dragons" to defeat an opponent. The game is shown during Chapters 46 and 47 of the manga.


In the story, according to Sugoroku Mutou, the Dragon Cards were used as final test for Feng-Sui Masters. The players learn to understand and draw out each of the Dragons' strengths and weaknesses. They use this knowledge in the game to defeat the opponent and win.

1. Two players and a deck of 75 cards is needed to play.
  • The Dragon cards is grouped into 5 "elements": Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.
  • Each element then have 5 different "levels", which measures how strong the Dragon held in the card.
  • Each card only have 3 copies in the deck.
2. Each player starts with 6 cards. Three cards of the same element and symbol is needed to summon a Dragon. Two Dragons is needed to start the battle.
3. Each player takes turn on drawing a card from the deck and discarding a card to the discard pile until they completed their preferred combination.
  • A player can skip drawing a card in exchange for getting the top card on the discard pile.
4. After the players has decided they got the card they need, the battle can commence.
  • The player that first declares to have completed his set has the priority to attack first. The defending player can respond to an attack by using one of his Dragons to shield the other or/and by enhancing his Dragons. The players take turns until all of their opponent's Dragons are defeated.
  • The order of Dragon's strength is: Water > Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water. In order of enhancements: Water -> Wood -> Fire -> Earth -> Metal -> Water. The effectiveness of each element depends on their levels.
5. The one of who has lost all his/her Dragons is the loser.