Yugi vs. Ryuji in Dungeon Dice Monsters (Volume 16 cover)

Dungeon Dice Monsters (DDM) is a tabletop dice game introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It is a game that revolves on summoning monsters based on dice results while creating paths toward the opponent's "Dungeon Master" and decimating its three Life Points. It is introduced during Chapter 137 of the manga.


The creator of the DDM in-story is Ryuji Otogi. He was one of Yugi's opponents during the introduction of the game and throughout the DDM Arc. The rules are explained during Chapter 137 and outlined during Chapter 138.

1. 2-4 people can play.
2. Each player selects a "dice pool" of twelve dice.[1] Determine randomly who goes first, and then begin.
3. On their turn, each player rolls three dice.
4. When two or more "Summon Crests" (Stars) appear as a result of the dice roll, one of the dice may be placed on any space adjacent to the player's dungeon. When the player calls out "Dimension Dice!", the dice unfold, revealing a creature and six dungeon spaces.[2]
  • The more stars on a die, the lower the creature's level. High-level creatures have fewer stars and are harder to summon.[3]
  • Each creature has an ATK and DEF value.[4] In addition, some creatures have special abilities. Attack, defense and magic powers are activated by appropriate crests.

    DDM Die Crests

5. To win, the player must enter enemy territory and successfully attack the opponent's "Dungeon Master" three times.[5]
6. "Crests" earned by rolling the dice are stored in the "crest pool." Once they are stored, their effect can be used any time by paying the appropriate cost in crests (Summon Crest cannot be stored).
  • There are six Crests in total: "Summon Crest", "Movement Crest", "Magic Crest", "Attack Crest", "Defense Crest" and "Trap Crest".


  1. These dice are special to the game, thus picking a set of these dice to use is very crucial.
  2. After the die has been placed, the die unfolding can be delayed until the owner has decided to reveal what's inside.
  3. Four "Summon Crests" on a die corresponds to Lvl 1 Monsters; Three corresponds to Lvl 2; Two corresponds to Lvl 3; and One to Lvl 4.
  4. The ATK and DEF values only measures the strength of each monsters during a battle against each other. The difference in value between two monsters is not inflicted as damage to the Dungeon Master.
  5. Basically, each Dungeon Master has 3 Life Point. Any kind of direct attack will reduce a Life Point from a Dungeon Master.